Blackjack Switch

Blackjack switch is a unique game only offered at Playtech online casinos. It offers more fun and an exciting spin compared to conventional blackjack. It also gives us attractive benefits that I’m sure you’ll fall in love with. This game has been one of my favorites since they launched it.

Blackjack Switch Rules:

In order for a player to play a hand in blackjack switch they must place 2 identical bets and play 2 hands per round.

The other main difference is that the player can then replace the second cards dealt around between the two hands if it’s desired.

For example, lets say a player is dealt the following 2 hands:


In this example the second set of cards is the ‘Ace′ and the ‘5′. So in this case the player can switch these two cards up to make the following two hands up:


Interesting enough? Now doubling and splitting is allowed in blackjack switch just as it is in conventional blackjack.

For every upside there is a downside as well however. In order to compensate for this powerful feature Playtech made it so that the dealer will ‘push′ players’ hands on a dealers total of 22. However ‘Blackjacks’ will still win.

This still gives a considerable advantage to the player so 2 further rules are implemented to make the game an extremely fair proposition. The other 2 rules are:

  • ‘Blackjacks’ pay even money
  • Dealer Hits ‘Soft 17′

To play blackjack switch click on the screenshot below or choose from and play at any of the three casinos we’ve recommended in our best Playtech casinos section.