The Basics of Craps

Have you ever walked into a casino and you noticed that several people are standing around a long table and after each roll that everyone seems to get really excited or are booing at the person rolling the dice? More than likely this is the game known as craps. This is one of the more popular casino games for land based and online casino websites. This is also one of the loudest and busiest places in a casino because it helps to really draw people into the game. The objective of the craps game is rather simple to understand and after a few turns you will soon learn how to properly bet. The objective is to guess the value of the outcome of the 2 dice that will be rolled during the game. There are different terms and bets that you will need to learn in order to properly understand and play the game of craps.

The boxman is the actual boss that you see sitting behind the middle of the table and helps to keep a close watch on the proceedings of each craps round.

crapstableEach craps table will have two dealers which will be placed one on each side of the boxman and will handle the players on their respective sides. Their job is to pay the winners and to rake in the losing bet amounts.

The stickman is the person that actually holds the stick and will be in charge of the dice that is used during the craps game. After the bets have been placed he will push the 2 dice to the shooter. This player can choose the two dice that they would like to use from five dice total. The dice are then rolled across the table by the shooter and will bounce off the wall of the table and land on a specific number.

Now that we have discussed the people and their roles at the table it’s time to discuss how craps is actually played. The first time a shooter rolls its referred to as the “Come Out Roll” and if they roll a 7 or 11 on the first roll they win and will be called a “natural”. You will win chips equal to the amount that you have bet on the pass line. On the first roll you make a 2, 3 or a 12 called craps, and then you lose. The dealer takes your pass line bet and the shooter will not keep roiling until he rolls a 7. If a 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 is rolled the shooter will make a “box point” and should continue to roll until you make the same number again but if you roll a 7 before getting another box point you still lose.

There are various crap bets that can be placed and have great odds if you understand how to place them properly. You can make a pass line bet, taking the odds bet, come bets, don’t pass the line bets, laying the odds bet, don’t come bets, place bets on 6 &8, single roll bets, hardway bets, field bets, any 7 bets, eleven or craps bets and any craps bets. Some craps players prefer to make only one kind of bet at a time while others choose to bet more in hopes of winning more. The house edge for craps is much lower than many other online casino games. If you are looking for a new casino game to try you may want to consider giving craps a try. You can use the no deposit bonus which is offered by most online casinos for new players to gain an understanding of how to play craps before making your first real money deposit. More about craps casino in this post.